IME - Inteligencia de Mercado Emocional, S. A.

Jaime Dreyfus


CEO and Shareholder of IME.

IME - Inteligencia de Mercado Emocional, S. A.

Jaime Dreyfus is CEO and Shareholder of IME – Inteligencia de Mercado Emocional, S. A. Panama with 30+ years dedicated to the market research profession. Jaime is a psychologist trained in human behavior's social and anthropological study. Humanist and free thinker, leader, and motivator, with a global vision of the market. 


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Jaime Dreyfus 

IME- Inteligencia de Mercado Emocional


IME (Emotional Market Intelligence, in english) is a full portfolio research agency based in Panamá.

A team of professionals from diverse disciplines such as Psychology, Sociology, Economy, and IT Services delivers client service with commitment and Total Quality.

Focused to New Technologies and consumer trends study, the company direct all its efforts to understand the marketing phenomena and bring clients with strategic vision in their business with a Glocal philosophy of understanding specific situations in which market intelligence is needed, adding the emotional frame that moves human beings.

Closed collaboration with Noldus Information Technologies, positions IME as a pioneer in the region in the application of neuroscience´s knowledge, including Emotional Face Recognition, Gaze tracking and several other techniques.

Among its services, IME offers qualitative and quantitative research methodologies based on new information and communication technologies, including online research and the most advanced neuroscience techniques applied to consumer behavior, through sophisticated technological tools.

IME, covers the Central American and Caribbean region throughout its partners, offering fieldwork with international standards, always under the NMSBA and ESOMAR / ICC Codes of practices.