Eugene Ha

Managing Director

Professional researcher for about 17 years


Eugene Ha is a managing director at TRC. He has been conducting market research for over 17 years in a wide-ranging industry from Non-durables, Durables, Healthcare, Service to B2B Sector.

He used to work for Gallup Korea as a market researcher and CJ (No.1 food, life and entertainment company in Korea) as a marketer.

He is an author of the first Marketing research handbook series which consists of 3 books. So, he is known as one of the best market researchers in Korea and many marketers and research professionals know his name and reputation.


TRC (THE RESEARCH COMPANY) is a full service market research firm in S. Korea and it has been providing both quantitative and qualitative research service since 2010.

It is always trying to give the best of the best insights and solutions to the clients by using all the latest or innovative methodologies and technology possible. TRC’s team consists of research professionals who have had research experiences in a wide-ranging industry from Non-durables, Durables, Service, Healthcare and B2B sector.

Clients of TRC include global companies such as Google, Instagram and JTI as well as Korean global companies including Samsung, LG, Hyundai motors.

TRC has been recommended by many international clients based in US (New York) or UK (London) as the best reliable research partner and provider in S. Korea.