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Released: Jan 1, 1970

Behaviour & Attitudes had a good year in the local Research Excellence Awards, awarded by the Marketing Society of Ireland, winning three (out of six) category awards and the overall Grand Prix. The two clients involved are AIB and RTE, respectively Irelands leading bank and broadcaster. AIB’s ‘Backing Brave’ was an initiative to help reposition and grow AIB in the wake of the financial collapse and essential nationalisation of the bank. B&A worked on a series of projects over three years to help develop the business and advertising strategy. The tonality and feel of the multimedia campaign was very different and new, and lead to significant consumer and business reappraisal of the bank, and strong growth. Rather than being ‘about the bank’ the ads are about its customers, the people who take risks starting their own businesses. RTE’s challenge was to grow its digital properties and presence, having been the leading ‘traditional’ media brand. B&As work involved a digital user segmentation, which has been applied successfully across the organisation. This is B&As third time winning the Grand Prix and the company remains the most awarded research and insights agency in Ireland in the seven years since the award scheme commenced.


Sugata Research celebrates 10 successful years in business

  • Jan 15, 2018

Sugata Research, the IRIS member for Japan, had a gala event at the Park Hyatt Tokyo to celebrate its 10th anniversary. The gathering brought together both current and previous employees, some of whom travelled from overseas for the event.

The party was our chance to say thank you to those who have helped Sugata become one of the biggest and most successful qualitative agencies in Japan. It was also an opportunity to both reflect on the past and look towards what we will strive to become in the future.

An important part of our future is our involvement with IRIS and we hope that we can help to bring further benefits to this vibrant network.


Welcome to the IRIS Network Market Support!

  • Oct 19, 2017

The IRIS Network is pleased to welcome Market Support to the team.  Based in Thailand, Market Support is headed up by MD, Saismorn Punkrasin.

As a full service research agency, they have extensive experience and expertise in both qualitative and quantitative research, covering a wide array of industries with a focus on FMCG.

Their mission is to provide the best consumer understanding and help clients to creatively use consumer insights to build strong brands and successful innovations.

The Market Support team is proud of their heritage in developing customised research programmes for their clients.  Given the variety and complexity of issues that clients face these days and evolving objectives, this level of flexibility and adaptability they offer helps them to meet client needs effectively.


IRIS announces Q&Q Research Insights as its partner of choice in India

  • Apr 19, 2017

IRIS is proud to announce that Q&Q Research Insights has become the new IRIS partner for India.

Q&Q Research Insights is a boutique market research company specializing in agriculture and rural research, healthcare, mystery shopping, telecom and census.  It is  known for maximizing the value of products, services and brands by providing relevant and actionable solutions which brings the consumer closer and adds value in the decision-making process.

Headquartered in Mumbai, India Q&Q has a strong presence across India through full-fledged research and field offices and can undertake multi-city studies.


intervista present their new, centrally located test studio in Bern

  • Feb 1, 2017

intervista has a new, modern test studio in Bern offering an optimal environment for focus groups, usability tests, in-depth interviews/exploration, workshops and product tests.

The test studio is fitted with a full-wall one-way mirror, allowing you as the client to directly follow the progress of your study from the adjacent observation room. The premises can also be rented and are fully available to external organisations – with support personnel.

To find out more about the test studio, click here.