Market Support

Saismorn Punkrasin

Managing Director

Saismorn Punkrasin is the Managing Director of Market Support.

Market Support

Saismorn Punkrasin is the Managing Director of Market Support.

With almost 30 years of experience in the market research field, she started her career on the client side with companies such as Nestle and Colgate Palmolive. She joined Market Support in 1997 and was instrumental in developing the company into one of the largest local market research companies in Thailand. Her experience spans both quantitative and qualitative research with a focus on the FMCG sector.


Market Support Co., Ltd. was established in 1995 with the aim of providing local understanding and expertise at an international standard. We started with a small team and the support of a few loyal clients who believed in us and who continue to join us on an ever evolving journey, to this day.

While we have grown in size since then, we still strive to maintain the level of personalised attention and care that we started off with. Over the years we have built our reputation on the quality, integrity and timeliness that are the cornerstone of our operations.

Our mission is to provide the best customer understanding and help clients to creatively use consumer insights to build strong brands and successful innovations.

We aim to develop long term partnerships with our clients.  We believe that through a thorough understanding of our client's business that is developed and fine tuned over the years, we are better able to accomplish our mission in assisting our clients along their path to growth.

As a full service research agency, we have built extensive experience and expertise in both Qualitative and Quantitative research, covering a wide array of industries with a focus on FMCG.

The majority of our studies are customized research. That means that each study has been individually designed to address the client’s issues and objectives rather than forced into a formulaic box. Given the variety and complexity of issues that clients face these days and evolving objectives, we believe that the flexibility and adaptability we offer works to our client’s advantage in more ways than one.

Our studies often employ a mix of research methods to obtain the required information and to give us a better grasp of the consumer and/or of the market situation.