Quantix Panama, S.A.

Jaime Dreyfus


CEO, and Co-owner of Quantix Panamá

Quantix Panama, S.A.

Jaime Dreyfus is CEO, and Co-owner of Quantix Panamá. With 30 years dedicated to the market research profession. Jaime is a psychologist trained in social and anthropological study of human behavior. Humanist and Free Thinker, Leader and Motivator. His vision of Market, The World.


Quantix, is a full portfolio research agency based in Panamá.

Amongst its services, Quantix offer Qualitative and Quantitative methodologies and the new Information and Communications Technologies (ITC´s), including online research, and applied neurosciences to consumer behavior research.

A team of professionals from diverse disciplines as Psychology, Sociology, Economy and Technological Services delivers client service with enthusiasm and Total Quality.

Partnering with Noldus Information Technologies in applying neurosciences knowledge to Consumer Behavior research.

Partnering with Autoritas Consulting, offer Intelligent Listening, a service based in the capturing of internet conversation, from all published HTML entries referring a topic. This allows our clients to process strategic planning and action for branding, marketing and product positioning.