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Released: Mar 3, 2016

March 3, 2016 — The IRIS Network, the world’s largest network of research institutes, is proud to announce that results of the 2015 IRIS Millennials study are now live and available online at http://irismillennials.com/

The 2015 IRIS Millennials Survey sought to develop a unique understanding of the demographic cohort projected to overtake the baby boomers in 2015. IRIS asked millennials living in 23 countries for their outlook on the economy, their health and life in general. Along with a full study analysis of millennials living around the globe, the site provides interactive dashboards to explore and visualize data and findings like never before. Visitors are encouraged to dive deep, not only by exploring individual country summaries, but also by working with the dashboards to uncover new insights.http://irismillennials.com/



  • Jul 11, 2024

IRIS is pleased to welcome Amárach Research to our Global Network.

Based in Dublin, Ireland, Amárach is led by Gerard O’Neill. Amárach is one of Ireland’s best known market research agencies, quoted regularly in the media for our research on behalf of clients and other agencies. They help their clients to succeed and grow through a better understanding of their customers’ needs.

Amárach work with a range of public and private sector clients, across a mix of quantitative and qualitative research requirements, from national surveys to focus groups to in-depth interviews. With their research partners, Amárach has developed powerful, AI-based solutions to drive deeper insights from existing studies as well as developing new methodologies using social media and related channels to inform strategy.

Amárach work collaboratively with all their clients —whether directly with companies and organizations, or in partnership with other agencies (advertising, PR, etc.)— focusing on a successful outcome for their clients.

Over 85% of Amárach’s clients return each year for follow up studies, tracking research and new, innovative solutions to their insight and research needs. Amárach is comprised by 20 experienced analysts and executives that enable a wide range of requirements from both large and small clients.



  • Nov 8, 2023

IRIS is pleased to welcome Innov8asia to our Global Network.

Based in Bangkok, Thailand, Innov8asia is led by Mr. Khalid Khan. It is a commercially focused marketing research agency that delivers clear, actionable insights that make a positive impact for their clients and their businesses.

They are a full-service agency, offering the full range of online and traditional qualitative and quantitative methodologies. They deliver fantastic research, starting with intelligently designed studies, followed by excellent execution and insightful analysis and reporting.

Innov8asia achieves this by ensuring all of their clients are managed by experienced, senior research directors, working hands-on and in consultation with clients. The key industry sectors they cover are FMCG/CPG, with a focus on food & beverage, personal care, homecare, healthcare and pharmaceutical. Beyond this, the agency has significant expertise in the telecoms/mobile sector, retail & QSR, automotive and banking & insurance.

 While a lot of the work they do is in Thailand, Innov8asia also has a significant experience in carrying out studies in other S.E. Asian markets including Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Laos and Indonesia.



IRIS announces Tony Coulson as new President

  • Nov 3, 2023

At our general meeting in Seoul (October 2023), IRIS members ratified Tony Coulson, from Environics Research in Canada, as the next President of the Association. Tony is taking over from Stéphane MARDER, of Sky Consulting in France.

Thank you to Stephane for your service and leadership. We are very excited about the future of IRIS under Tony's leadership.



  • Oct 30, 2023

IRIS is pleased to welcome Pinnacle Analytics to our Global Network. Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Pinnacle Analytics is headed up by Johnson Tan.

Pinnacle Analytics is a group of companies focused on market research, analytics, and consulting in Malaysia. Their approach to addressing business challenges is rooted in our commitment to delivering fresh, innovative, and sustainable solutions to the ever-evolving market, thereby helping organizations succeed by gaining a deep understanding of their customers.

Pinnacle’s services encompass both analytics and consulting, along with comprehensive data collection throughout Malaysia and the South East Asia region. They specialize in property and retail development, utilizing a wide range of research methods and analytical practices. This includes traditional surveys and secondary data research, as well as advanced techniques like footfall analytics and social media mining. Their diverse portfolio caters to clients across various sectors and industries, reflecting our ongoing expansion and dedication to delivering high-quality services to a broader market.

Currently, Pinnacle holds positions as committee members in the Marketing Research Society of Malaysia and are also represented in several societal organizations, including the Shopping Mall Association of Malaysia and the Malaysia Retail Chain Association.

Just as the contemporary landscape is constantly evolving, Pinnacle Analytics is continually exploring new techniques and approaches to better serve our clients and guide them toward a more pertinent and sustainable path.

Welcome to the Network, Johnson and Pinnacle Analytics!