Pinnacle Analytics

Johnson Tan

Managing Director

An Entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in Market Research Industry

Pinnacle Analytics

Johnson, the Co-founder of Pinnacle Group of Companies and currently the Group Managing Director of Pinnacle Connect, is a highly respected figure in the market research industry in Malaysia, boasting over 25 years of experience. He established Pinnacle Analytics in 2017, with a focus on market research in the retail industry and customer service training.

Apart from his expertise in Market Research and Data Analytics, Johnson is passionate about creating new businesses and seeking new entrepreneurial opportunities. He firmly believes that businesses not only provide job opportunities but also offer a chance to nurture new leaders and entrepreneurs for the nation, contributing to society in a meaningful way.

Johnson has also served as a committee member in the Marketing Research Society of Malaysia and a regular speaker at annual SPSS Conferences. His forte lies in developing large-scale customer experience research and branding surveys for clients, with a vision to incorporate technologies and AI into traditional research methods.

Moreover, Johnson is deeply committed to mentoring young researchers, nurturing their passion for market research and data analytics, and supporting their career growth. As a result, he is actively involved in designing training programs for both clients and research agencies, especially targeting junior researchers.


Pinnacle Analytics is a group of companies focused on Market Research, Analytics, and Consulting in Malaysia. Our approach to addressing business challenges is rooted in our commitment to delivering fresh, innovative, and sustainable solutions to the ever-evolving market, thereby helping organizations succeed by gaining a deep understanding of their customers.

 Our services encompass both Analytics and Consulting, along with comprehensive data collection throughout Malaysia and the South East Asia region. We specialize in property and retail development, utilizing a wide range of research methods and analytical practices. This includes traditional surveys and secondary data research, as well as advanced techniques like footfall analytics and social media mining. Our diverse portfolio caters to clients across various sectors and industries, reflecting our ongoing expansion and dedication to delivering high-quality services to a broader market.

 Currently, we hold positions as committee members in the Marketing Research Society of Malaysia and are also represented in several societal organizations, including the Shopping Mall Association of Malaysia and the Malaysia Retail Chain Association.

 Just as the contemporary landscape is constantly evolving, Pinnacle Analytics is continually exploring new techniques and approaches to better serve our clients and guide them toward a more pertinent and sustainable path.




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