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Allert de Lange

managing director

managing director and senior project manager

I’m Research BV

Allert de Lange is managing director and senior project manager. After a marketing career with Siemens, Allert became Research Director with the largest market research agency in NL, called NSS Marktonderzoek. In 1996 Allert started ITC International and merged this agency with another market research agency in 2007. The new name introduced in the market is I’m Research BV.


I’m Research specialises in customer and employee satisfaction surveys, sales & marketing effectiveness surveys and business development. We put a great deal of time and attention in product development and listen to clients and respondents to continuously improve these tools In order to yield meaningful solutions, multidisciplinary queries require a versatile approach.

I’m Research understands this better than anyone else and partners with organisations from neighbouring industries to borrow insights in the areas of customer values management, innovation, business development and staff training. For all these projects, market research serves as the solid foundation.

To accommodate queries in the area of business and marketing, we have invested in scalable market research tools. Used for both business and consumer research, they have proven effective in a diverse range of industries.

I’m Research serves both the end customer and the intermediary channel.

I’m Research offers a full range of market research products. We offer products on several fields and conduct fieldwork for a lot of local and international clients and international research agencies.

I’m Research is able to address your market research needs both in the Netherlands and abroad. We offer a full range of quantitative and qualitative market research techniques. Whether it’s a concept test, a mystery shopping project, an awareness & attitudes study, a customer loyalty study or thorough fieldwork, I’m Research provides the services you need.


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