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Dr. Tsvetelina Stoyanova


sociologist and leading research expert

Market LINKS

Dr. Tsvetelina Stoyanova Ph.D. is a sociologist by education and one of the leading research experts in Bulgaria.

She has been an associated professor at City University Bulgaria since 2006 and at International Business School. Founder and CEO of several companies including Market LINKS, researcher, consultant and methodologist with extensive experience. Tsvetelina has managed and consulted more than 100 major Bulgarian and International projects, including the development of methodologies, tools for evaluation, measurement and monitoring.

Tsvetelina Stoyanova has extensive experience in sociological, marketing and media studies, communications and public relations, development of methodologies and tools for monitoring the implementation of projects, campaigns and more. She has consulting experience in large public institutions on issues related to communication, marketing and public relations, development of new concepts for tourist services.

Tsvetelina has experience as an expert on PHARE projects, USID / Pro Media, projects financed by the European Union, the World Bank and other international programs and projects.


Market LINKS was founded in 2001 as a full service research and consultancy agency, working on many local Bulgarian and international projects. Our core research team has more than 12 years of experience in social and market research projects. The company has worked for most of the multinational companies in Bulgaria – directly and as sub-contractors for many international research projects.

Market LINKS is a full service provider of research based on custom-designed as well as on standard methodologies and research procedures. The company strictly complies with professional codes and international standards of research conduct based on ESOMAR code. In our research we maintain high and stable standard in data collection and back-check control.

Market LINKS is ranked number one of the local Bulgarian agencies and among top four research companies in Bulgarian market overall. The company is a member of ESOMAR, the Bulgarian Association of Marketing and Opinion Researchers, the Bulgarian Sociological Association, Intersearch, BAMOR – Bulgarian Association of Marketing and Opinion Research Agencies. Market LINKS achieved Quality accreditations according to ISO 9001:2008.

The company employees are experienced quantitative and qualitative researchers, analysts and experts, all with university and postgraduate educational background as professional statisticians, economists, sociologists, economic sociologists, anthropologists, and marketing professionals.


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"It is home-made, isn’t it?" or the characteristics of Bulgarian consumption

Consuming home-made food is a tradition among rural population in Bulgaria. But what is the case with people living in urban areas? A Market LINKS study registers that even urban households with high income have increased the home-made food purchase from independent farmers. This trend is beneficial to small producers but not to the food industry.


Ready-made salads in the customer minds

'Ready-made salads' is a product category that usually falls outside the scope of the market research interest in the FMCG sector. However, these salads appear to be hugely popular among Bulgarian population - about half of the households purchase them. Ready-made salads are preferred mainly by young, married, active, working people living in big cities.


'Smart' market

The article covers the issue of Smart phones penetration into the Bulgarian market – size, market shares, trade channels, users’ profiles, and usage habits.



Honey – strong product, poor branding

Despite the relatively high consumption of honey at home, developing a strong product brand is almost “mission impossible”. Lack of trust in the honey industry combined with the desire to pay a lower price drives customers to buy the product directly from beekeepers. Only one out of twelve households purchase it from the trading network. The customer’s purchase habit hinders a strong brand developing.


“The role of market research for business success” Who needs research concepts and why?

Annoying surveys over the phone or in the street, political studies during election campaigns, debates among sociologists. Facts, numbers, lies, lies and again lies. These are the first associations linked to sociologists’ and market researchers’ activities. But why is market research so important to the business? The article explains the main benefits of the market studies to the business.