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Claudio Flores Thomas


Vice-president and associated at LEXIA Insights Solutions

LEXIA Insights Solutions

Claudio Flores Thomas is Vice-president and associated at LEXIA Insights Solutions. His is a Social Communications Expert from UAM-X (Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana Xochimilco), he was granted the University Medal of Merit. He received his MA in Communication from UIA (Universidad Iberoamericana). He received a cum laude doctorate in Journalism and Communications Science from Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona.

He has spent fifteen years participating in and leading projects so that brands, media and institutions can enter into fruitful dialogue with their respective consumers, audiences and citizens. He is an enthusiastic believer in the free and creative use of research methodology.


LEXIA Insights Solutions is a Consulting Firm offering strategies based on consumer insights. We are committed to increasing investment returns, by giving strategic meaning to our clients' marketing, communication and branding actions.

In the conversation era, the ability for in-depth listening and meaningful interpretation becomes a competitive advantage.

Our expertise as qualitative researchers and consultants consists in discovering actionable insights that can be converted into effective and influential solutions. The LEXIA stamp at your service: Leadership, Methodological Imagination, Experience and Strategic Creativity.


Qualitative research through groups is needed for political communication

This brief essay seeks to contribute elements for reflecting and comprehending the potential of qualitative research through groups discussions for political communication and the democracy.