ALES Market Research

Tommaso Pronunzio


partner and director of ALES Market Research

ALES Market Research

Tommaso Pronunzio is partner and director of ALES Market Research.

He has worked in the market research sector since 1992, first as a partner in a company that specialized in market research, then in 1999, he established the ALES Market Research institute. He personally follows all major clients, allowing them to understand and discuss company needs for information. He provides them with concrete marketing solutions supported by national and international market research.


ALES is an independent research institute, with high discretion and confidentiality. Since 20 years true passion for research, new findings, efficient and relevant consumer insights.

We guarantee:
Reliability: highest quality during the entire field process and the results analysis
Business Continuity & Innovation: no stop experimentation, labs and new methodologies
The best in analysis and predictive modeling to foresee consumer behavior

ALES expertise are:
VISION: U&A, Habits study, Unmet needs, Segmentation, Driver & Barriers, Post launch, Shopper
INSPIRATION: Ethnography, Consumer connection, Explorative studies, Insight generation & initial ideas, Shopper
POSITIONING: Concept screening Concept assessment and volume forecasting, Concept development & workshop, Price positioning
IMPROVEMENTS: Product test, Shelf and Pack test, Copy Test
MEASURING GOALS: Net Promoter Score, Brand equity & image, Customer satisfaction/ loyalty, Tracking study