Illuminate Asia

Dawn Herdman

President Director of Illuminate Asia

More than 20 years of experience in the research industry.

Illuminate Asia

Dawn Herdman, President Director of Illuminate Asia, has been in the insights business for more than 2 decades; with a career in Australia, Europe and Asia. Dawn employs strategic thinking, culture and market understanding to deliver outstanding insights and directions for clients.  Dawn is on the board of the British Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia (Britcham) and a regular speaker at regional and global conferences.


Illuminate Asia is a Strategic Insights Consultancy based in Jakarta, Indonesia; working across Asia Pacific. Insight and strategy is our passion; we love helping our clients make the right decisions for new opportunities and growth through our expertise in understanding consumers, culture and businesses. We specialise in 4 key areas:

1. Consumer Insights – Full service market research offering including Qualitative (Focus Group Discussions, In-depth interviews, Observation and Ethnography, Online insight communities, Neuromarketing, Co-creation & ideation, Expert interviews, Kids research) and Quantitative Research (Face to face interviewing, Online surveys, neuromarketing)

2. Cultural Insights and Trends - We utilise semiotics approaches to understand cultural meanings behind consumer behaviour, brands and marketing. We map cultural change, identifying emergent future trends for smarter decisions for the future based on what’s happening next. 

3. Brand and marketing strategy - Our approach is multidisciplinary, using behavioural science, neuromarketing, and semiotic thinking to identify actionable insights and translate them into a unique yet relevant brand and marketing strategy.

4. Business intelligence & Market Entry Strategy to help guide businesses enter new markets.


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