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Juan Reig


Professional Researcher specialized in Healthcare

Nueva Investigacion

Juan Reig Serrano is the CEO at Nueva Investigacion. He is a true believer in the power of empathy as the key to improve people’s lives for the better.  Every project he undertakes focuses on facilitating an empathetic relationship between companies and people.

 Juan’s job at his company is a means to an end, because the ultimate end of everything he does is to help improve the world. His life experience as a tireless explorer and traveler allowed him to volunteer for different projects around the world, especially with the Missionaries of Charity in Kolkata, India, and as a Scout, where Juan has served as World Scout Committee Member after more than 25 years in local, national and international scouting. These experiences made him discover how diverse the human being is and helped him realize the importance of “putting yourself in other people’s shoes” to build a better world together.

 Although Juan has conducted projects in many different sectors he is very specialized in healthcare where he is a top trusted consultant for several companies.

 Juan strives for excellence in every project, focusing all his energy on each project and applying the most appropriate techniques for each challenge. His level of involvement, expertise and commitment is what allows him to always provide the client with the answers and solutions that they need.


Nueva Investigacion is a market research company based in Spain. Since it first launched in 1987, it had a strong focus in healthcare but later it expanded its expertise in other sectors such as retail, education, finance, advertising, luxury, leisure, radio, and others.

Nueva Investigacion is a trusted partner for both national and international companies interested in conducting projects in Spain, working with all quantitative and qualitative techinques.

For healthcare projects, Nueva Investigacion develops its research involving all the relevant stakeholders. It goes beyond specialists and nurses also engaging patients, payers, pharmacists and associations, also in very rare diseases.

When working for other sectors, Nueva Investigacion conducts all kind of market research projects, with its own database and with capability to use online, telephone and personal methodologies.

More than 95% of Nueva Investigacion clients are recurrent, which proves the quality of its work, the impact of its recommendations and the trust its clients feel when they rely on them for their market research needs.





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