Ukrainian Marketing Project (UMP)

Dmitri Agrachov

Managing Director

managing director, founder and head researcher

Ukrainian Marketing Project (UMP)

Dmitri Agrachov, Managing Director Founder and Head Researcher. Established a full-service research facility including national fieldwork, data analysis and reports. Supervising of International research projects in CIS countries.

Dmitri has 20 years experience in marketing research.


Ukrainian Marketing Project is a full service research company.

Ukrainian Marketing Project is an independent marketing research company established in Ukraine in November 1996. The company has introduced the research infrastructure - ad hoc quantitative, qualitative and panel research studies. UMP operational field comprises all the regions of Ukraine. It includes 25 regional supervisors, its own network of 420 interviewers and 25 independent controllers.

The research projects are implemented in accordance with the conditions of ESOMAR (ICC/ESOMAR International Code of Marketing and Social Research Practice).

Main methods used: Face-to-face interviews, telephone/CATI interviews, focus groups, in-depth interviews, hall test, mystery shopping, expert interviews, CAPI.